Entrées par Jean-Charles

Bon baisers de Bruges

Location, location, location. No matter the industry or the field of activity of your business, it always comes back to location! It is such a crucial factor in a business environment to find that perfect spot, the one that makes your target audience meet your ambiance. Well, Luxembourg definitely has a great location in Europe […]

What to do when the TV/internet fails you…

It’s not working… no, it’s definitely not working! The only thing appearing in your TV screen is « no signal »… at home at least it works … Who has never had this desperately black screen, empty of content, right before the time of their favorite show? Well, we are here to try to helping because sometimes […]

Summer in Luxembourg

Summer is most people favorite season. Holidays are just around the corner and the whole world seems to brighten up. Luxembourg is no different and when the summer season kicks in, the plethoria of festivals and activities suddenly transform this tiny country in a lively, modern, nature-orientated paradise. Every year, the « Fête de la Musique » […]

Bigger is better

Luxembourg is not a big country but we like to see things big! Most houses and apartments in this tiny country are made for families and do not represent big surfaces but as we develop the flat sharing concept here, we realize that we are far from the big flatshares of London or New York. […]

Five resolutions to improve your flatshare

Do you remember how it was back homne? The full fridge, the fluffy towels, the liberal use of central heating. Luxuries all distinctly lacking, you notice, as you arrive back at your flatshare. But it doesn’t have to be this way. With these five resolutions, you can make your flatshare a little bit nicer every day. […]

Portugal, our weekend getaway recommendation!

Looking for a good deal for a weekend away? Located in the south-west of the Iberian Peninsula, Portugal is to a great extent border with the Atlantic Ocean; which explains its maritime vocation! In the 15th century, thanks to its brilliant navigators who braved the sea and opened new maritime routes, Portugal reigned over the […]

14 Decorating Tips while on a Budget

You’ve just moved in into your new flatshare but it does not feel at home yet? Decorating it is a great idea but how to justify the investment it represents? After all, you will only be staying for a few month, probably not even a year. So, in order to remedy to this problem, we […]

Apartment pictures: Professional or amateur?

Real estate is starting to catch up with the rest of the world with technologies worthy of the future. VR to visit new apartments without coming out of the agency office and photos taken mostly by iPhones. But is it really a good strategy to save money by not hiring a professional? After all, the game […]