Well, it’s not working anymore… but why, what’s going on?

You’re getting home from work, you’re tired and then you switch on the light and… nothing, the lamp does not work anymore!

The first step is to eliminate the evidence :

  • Was it the right switch ? A moment of inattention is so quickly arrived!
  • Do you have electricity in the residence?
  • The lamp turns on but flashes, in a Night-Fever kind of way? No doubts anymore, if you have power, the bulb is probably dead! Or in the case of a neon, the choke is on the same track.

The lamp does work but the shutter does not close properly, impeding you to get your well-deserved rest, even after going up and down several times? Geometry will be your ally! Observe the blades: if they get skewed, the wings of the shutters no longer work. It does not close completely? The reel is in fault.

Even worse: it’s winter, a snow storm is coming but the only thing your radiator does is a « gurgling » noise that serves only to bother you? It will need to be purged of the air inside of it. A metallic noise is heard during the heating? The thermostatic valve no longer works! The heating is down throughout the entire flat? The boiler is certainly involved.

In any case and if tinkering is not your forte, don’t hesitate to consult your flatmates, one of them is probably a Bob-the-Builder in the making. In the worst case, your landlord will certainly be able to assist you by sending a professional to fix the problem. Remember to ask if your lease covers these incidences!

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