Five resolutions to improve your flatshare

Do you remember how it was back homne? The full fridge, the fluffy towels, the liberal use of central heating. Luxuries all distinctly lacking, you notice, as you arrive back at your flatshare.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. With these five resolutions, you can make your flatshare a little bit nicer every day.

  1. Get Some Plants

Plants are living things that you take care of. Under your watchful gaze they develop into flourishing fountains of beauty, instilling purpose, joy and pride into the life of the gardener. What’s not to love!











See them as the first step on the tripartite progression to parenthood (plants à puppies à babies). Or keep them for their health and stressbusting properties. Either way, you’ll be glad you did. Here are some great options for what species to get.

  1. Recycle

In most boroughs and councils, bins are now collected once a week. That means bin space is premium property. Not as premium as a Belair studio flat of course, but still pretty premium. Recycling more is better for the environment, but it also means your bin won’t be full after two days! Hurray! Take that, urban foxes.shutterstock_108327635











  1. Buy Some Local Art

Those pegs on your walls are for pictures, not hanging up your shirt to dry, y’know! Why not use them properly and support local artists at the same time by buying some cool local art to hang up? You’ll become Cool Host #1 at house parties plus you’ll help your local art scene, meaning more art for everyone! Yay! 











  1. Splash out on Everyday Items

Come on, you’re an adult now. It’s time to get good bed sheets. You use them every day, you might as well have nice ones. It’s time to get that throw to cover up your pre-furnished sofa. It’s time to get the doormat with the witty saying on it. Don’t fight the Inner Dad. Embrace it. This is who you are now.

  1. Sit Down Together Every Once in a While

A good flat dinner at the end of the week is a great thing. You’ll feel closer, happier and also get to have some delicious food and wine. Plus when you spend the rest of the week buried in work/the library/your boyfriend’s house, you know that there’s some quality flatmate time booked in.shutterstock_172085942

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