Enjoying summer

Summer in Luxembourg is, as we mentioned in previous articles, a great time to enjoy festivals and some time outside.

If you just arrived in Luxembourg, you will be able to enjoy the many terrasses and bars out in the open.

And of course, summer is the time for travel and you will find in our blogs many destinations we have visited to guide you through a summer in Luxembourg.

And if you only a couples of days, there are always destination closer to the city that are worth seeing and easy to reach!

For example, did you know that Paris is only a 2-hour train ride away? And Cologne, in Germany, is even closer!

Among the festivals to see and enjoy this summer, don’t forget to stop by the schueberfouer to have a ride and enjoy a candied apple!

Summer in Luxembourg

Summer is most people favorite season. Holidays are just around the corner and the whole world seems to brighten up.

Luxembourg is no different and when the summer season kicks in, the plethoria of festivals and activities suddenly transform this tiny country in a lively, modern, nature-orientated paradise.

Every year, the « Fête de la Musique » launches the festivities with many concerts on the main squares of the city center. And then, there is of course the National Day that actually runs over 2 days with a spectacular firework at midnight on June 23rd. And since the next day is always a bank holiday, you will be able to enjoy the party well into the night… or early morning!

Another very important event of the summer season is the Schueberfouer, a fair that brings the most exilerating rides and food trucks to the city for a week.

As you can see, summer in Luxembourg is far from dull! And we haven’t even begun mentioning the many music concerts, theater and opera that are open to the public throughout the summer months. You will find a full program of the activities here !

Of course, this summer, or at least its beginning will be focused on the FIFA World Cup… and while Luxmebourg is not particpating this year, the enthousiasm from the hundreds of thousands of expatriates living in the country will certanly make for some entertainment with outside viewings on gigantic screens.

Biking in Luxembourg, the greener way to discover the city!

Luxembourg is a huge city gathering so many different cultures. When you come to work in Luxembourg, you usually remember only the ride from home to work. But some people might not know how beautiful the city is once you start to wander around the streets. On one hand you have all the buildings and the constant evolution of the city, on the other hand the capital offers many great green areas to relax. It is also a very big city to visit, but of course when you come to work here for a couple of months, you may not have a car.

How about a bike ride then? You can find more than 50 bike stations to rent a bike and go around the city. There are many great spots to visit, such as the Grund, the Clausen Hill, or Place d’Armes for example. Or if you want to see more of Mother Nature, you can stop by one of the three nature reserves of Luxembourg. Why not go for a picnic by a river or a lake? Or go on a hike on the Mullerthal trail? There are so many different cycling path you can find on Luxembourg’s Touristic Office website.

The bike ride is very cheap, a one year subscription is worth 15.00€. A good way to discover your city and to be green at the same time, isn’t it?

Don’t hesitate to share with us pictures of you architectural discoveries !

Your arrival in Luxembourg

You have landed a job or an internship in Luxembourg? Congratulations and Welcome to our tiny piece of heaven!

As the months pass by, you’ll see that this little European country has many great advantages to offer to its residents!

Speaking of which, in order to become a resident here in Luxembourg, you must go to the Commune of the place you are living to register yourself as a resident.

You will need to bring with you your passport or ID, a copy of your employment (or internship) contract and a copy of your lease agreement.


For Luxemourg city itself, the building that welcomes you to register yourself is called the Bierger-Center and is located on Place Guillaume II in the city center.

Little tip from someone that has lived here for quite a few years and has a great deal of experience with the administration here in Luxembourg : come right at the opening hour at 8am as to not wait too long for the registration.

We are, of course, available to answer your questions as well.