Top 5 best places for a coffee in Luxembourg

1. Knopes

Probably the best coffee in town. This place exists for more than 15 years and the coffee is excellent. You can order a coffee to take away, stay on site or buy coffee for your home. It’s worth passing by! However, don’t be surprised how tiny the place is! They have 2 other shops in Luxembourg, one in Avenue de la Liberté (Gare) and one in the same building as the restaurant “Come a la maison” (route d’Esch). 

2. Chocolate House

This place is located in an old building just in front of the Grand Duke’s palace. You should definitely go there for a hot chocolate. You can choose your chocolate spoon taste from the shelve, they serve you hot milk and you just let your chocolate cube melt. Besides, they have delicious homemade cakes!

3. Chique-o-latte

That trendy coffee shop is coming straight from… actually all over the world! Started in the Netherlands, they expanded to the United States, London and of course Luxembourg😊 If you are low on sugar or just craving some, you should definitely stop by, have a piece of cake or a cookie with a double chocolate caramel macchiato.

4. l’atelier Steffen -la Mezzanine du Boulevard

another trendy location, in the middle of Hamilius. they have a very cosy room on the first floor with bay windows all around. This is the perfect place for a breakfast, or the unavoidable  “gouter”. Our top recommendation is their cinnamon roll, but don’t you dare use the english word… In french we don’t say cinnamon roll, we say “escargot cannelle”.

5. Place d’Armes

You definitely go there just for the location. Place d’Armes is one of the most popular places in Luxembourg, with the most sunny terrasses one next to the other. Hotel Place d’Armes is a prestigious hotel in Luxembourg. They have a restaurant called Plëss, and a coffee place called “Cafe de Paris” where you can go there to enjoy a good coffee in the morning, with a french butter croissant.

What is your favorite place for a coffee in Luxembourg?

Spring, welcome back!

As we are in Spring, and warm days are slowly coming back, we have a few nice recommendations for you to do in Luxembourg as from now.

In Bettembourg, the « Parc Merveilleux » has re-opened since March 25. Yes, we know, it’s almost a month ago, but we were waiting for the weather to be meeting expectations as well before telling you about it! Parc Merveilleux is like a little zoo. You can walk around and see different kind of preserved animals, birds and insects. How to get there? Just take the direct train to Bettembourg, and from there a free bus will take you to the parc. You can bring your own food, or have lunch on site. They also sell food you can give to animals 🙂 It’s a very nice activity to occupy a day for all animal lovers.

You can find more infos here

If you like butterflies, Luxembourg has a « Butterfly garden » in Grevenmacher! Millions of butterflies flying around, different shapes, colors and sizes! You can walk around the hothouse and observe the beauty of nature. The visit lasts at least 1 hour and it’s very interesting to see once in your life.

Find more infos here

If you feel adventurous, we also recommend you to go in Vianden, north of Luxembourg, and jump around the famous tree climbing installations. You can find different levels, from easy to advanced… you will have fun for sure! If you are in this area, it is definitely worth visiting the castle of Vianden, located a few minutes away from the tree climbing. It looks beautiful from all angles, and even more inside! For all history lovers, the castle keeps a lot of memories through the decades and it is very interesting to know about it. (more information here). 

Let us know in a comment what outdoor activity you like to do in Luxembourg when the weather allows 🙂

Wondering what to do in Luxembourg during the week-end?

It is almost the weekend and you don’t know what to do ? We gather a couple of activities that you can enjoy here in Luxembourg!

Bowling in Foetz

The bowling in Foetz is a perfect place  to spend fabulous moments with friends. 20 bowling alleys, 12 pool tables, games room, bar, everything to spend fabulous moments of unforgettable relaxation (and competition 😉). This bowling is easily accessible with a direct bus from the Luxembourg train station. Find prices and opening hours here.

Jeux de quilles

If there is a national sport that smells good tradition and endless appetizers in Luxembourg, it is « Jeux de quilles» or «Keelen» but to do it, you need a suitable track or «Keelebunn» and here is our 6 places for you : 

  1. Small neighborhood bar on the border between Bonnevoie and Howald, the Gielen Eck is a nice plan to go for an aperitif with friends and overturn some bowls. For more cultural profiles, it is also ideally located opposite the Théâtre Ouvert Luxembourg
  1. Trendy atmosphere on the Minett side, the Escher Kafé in Esch-sur-Alzette gathers a joyful festive and/or trendy local population, rather Luxembourgish speaking, who likes to slum and play bowling without having to climb to the capital. 
  1. Discreet and gourmet atmosphere, here is an establishment that is definitely worth a visit: at Brasserie Beaulieu. Not only do you eat good, well-served dishes that remind us of grandma’s cooking, but you can also enjoy a nice private room with a bowling alley on the mezzanine. 
  1. Unusual atmosphere on the outskirts of the capital, in the center of Hesperange, the Café Bei der Uelzecht – literally “next to the Alzette” – offers a room at the back where an incongruous bridge crosses the bowling alley to facilitate table service. The place is very rural without being creepy.
  1. Unmissable atmosphere where the timeless Bouneweger Stuff, the rallying point of the whole neighborhood and much more, always features a «Keelebunn» in its second room in the back.

Thermal centers

The thermal origin of the Mondorf-les-Bains health center dates back to the Kind spring in 1841, whose health benefits were recognized in 1847. Since then, the curists coming from the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg but also from neighboring countries are constantly growing and enjoying the benefits of thermal water. Since 1988, the establishment has been made up of two hotels, a spa, numerous beach activities, restaurants and rooms for private or professional events. This thermal center is ideal for moments of relaxation and wellness if you feel like having a “me-time” during the week-end. 

Whether you come alone or with friends, let yourself be enchanted by the aquatic panoply. Les Thermes located in Strassen is a state of mind: Play, have fun or relax and enjoy the calm, all in an unusual place.In a family and friendly atmosphere, you will be able to fully recharge your batteries.

Mondorf-les-bains Domaine thermal

Lasergame: in Esch-sur-Alzette and Hesperange

It’s confusing, awesome and entertaining at the same time. A light fog, you witness a real set of laser beams that go in all directions. The music trains you, concentration wins you, you are caught in the game! You will only get out once your legs won’t follow you!!

100% laser, this activity is a leisure open to all and extraordinary fun! It is in a space at the same time obscure and confusing, consisting of partitions, reflective areas, obstacles of all kinds where you will try to flush out your friends in 3 labyrinth rooms covered by mezzanines and walkways. You can also choose the location between Esch-sur-Alzette and Hesperange at Luxembourg-ville. Feeling excited already ?

Pools game

Everyone must know this classic game. It is a fun way to chill with some friends by doing some exercises ( yes, pools is a sport, we swear 🙂). There are many places where you can practice billard in Luxembourg but not exclusively. We recommend the Oscar’s dinner in the Gare area, with a large amount of pools tables. Burgers are also served and very tasty!

Escape game: in Luxembourg-city and Dudelange

Escape from a room where you’re locked in less than 60 minutes. In teams of 3 to 5 players, it is then a question of cooperating, using your logic, your sense of observation and your sense of deduction to get out as quickly as possible. You can choose the thema that you like and do teamwork with your friends to get out. Whoever keeps his head cold is sure to get out.

Feel free to let us know in a comment which activities you tried and what was your favorite here in Luxembourg 🙂

Christmas Markets: Luxembourg and its surroundings

All I want for Christmas is Christmas Markets ! Christmas trees, wooden decorated chalets, “Glühwain” (warm wine- and yes it is drinkable, we promise). You guessed it correctly, Christmas is just around the corner! Fortunately, festivities in Luxembourg and its surroundings have started and we gathered a few Christmas Markets you should definitely visit. 

First of all, of course, the markets in Luxembourg city. Located in different places between the Upper Town and the Station district, there will be activities for adults and children. Each little market has its own name and activities so if you are more interested in something in particular, click here to have all the info on the markets.

Germany – Trier

Christmas markets originally came from Germany and this one is one of the famous christmas markets in Germany with 90 beautifully decorated wooden chalets. Trier’s market offers a huge choice for sweet eaters and toy hunters, buyers of candles and spice tasters, fans of crafts and decorative objects, ornaments and useful tools for you and your family. It is easily accessible by train from the Luxembourg-city train station.

France – Metz

Less than one hour by train from Luxembourg-city you can also visit the Christmas market in Metz. Several squares are invaded by Christmas markets.The atmosphere of Christmas reigns on the various squares of the city of Metz with illuminations that will amaze young and old, as soon as night falls. Many exhibitors will settle in the chalets for the occasion: you will find hundreds of gift ideas, how to spoil all your loved ones (handicrafts, toys, Christmas lights and decorations, gourmet products…). For the entire program, please follow this link.

France – Strasbourg

This market is the oldest market in Europe and one of the world’s prettiest markets. Christmas markets in Alsace are world famous and attract millions of tourists every year. It is such a success that some chalets of the Strasbourg Christmas market are even exported to New York, Moscow, Beijing or Tokyo! The Strasbourg Christmas market also known as  ‘Christkindelsmärik’ (Baby Jesus market in Alsatian) is a legacy of many Alsatian traditions.

The Christmas period is a very important moment for the Alsatians who prepare it up to a month in advance. This traditional spirit can be found during the market period in Strasbourg but also in other cities in the Alsace area. Click here for the program in Strasbourg and here if you are interested to visit other christmas markets in the area not so far from Strasbourg. 

Belgium – Brussels

If you have read our article about Brussels, you must already have a little idea of what you can expect at the Winter Wonders. Ferry wheels, merry-go-rounds, Brussels’ market offers a lot of activities for everyone and every taste. As a cultural city, some of the activities revolve around this like for example the sound and light shows at Grand Place.or the Wonder Woods with musical programmes in the Bois de la Cambre. You can found the detailed program and even the map by clicking here.

Belgium – Liège

The most beautiful Christmas market in the heart of the Ardent City! The Christmas Village of Liège is the largest and oldest Christmas market in Belgium. Founded nearly 35 years ago, it has become the largest Christmas market in the country in terms of size, duration and spirit. Faithful to the long Germanic tradition of Christmas markets, the Christmas Village of Liège plunges us in the heart of the city into the magic of Christmas by respecting the typical Latin character of Liège. For the complete program, please follow the link.

Belgium – Bruges

Bruges is one of the most famous cities in Belgium. It is known internationally as “Venice of the North”. The center of Bruges is magical all year round but even more so during Christmas. With thousands of lights and the smell of waffles and warm wine, the Christmas atmosphere is at its peak! There are two Christmas markets in Bruges. The most important is on the Grand Place where there are many wooden chalets.

The second market is only a hundred meters away on Simon Stevin Square. Between the trees adorned with countless decorations are two rows of stands. You can also admire a nativity scene on a human scale.You will find many stands with pretty Christmas gifts, decorations and handmade items. While shopping, let yourself be guided by the smell of artisanal specialties. Stroll through the market and take a break to warm up with a nice hot chocolate and enjoy delicious roasted chestnuts. Happiness!  

Feel free to let us know in a comment which market you have visited or plan to visit, and which one was your favorite 🙂

Walk through the city and discover the hidden beauties of Luxembourg

Welcome to the beautiful tiny Luxembourg! In this article we will walk you around the city and let you know the main sites to visit in a walking distance. 

Grand Ducal Palace

Let’s begin this journey with the majestuous Grand Ducal Palace located in the center of the city! Today, the Duke uses the palace as a working place and rarely as a residential place. For example it is there that he welcomes foreign Heads of State or that he gives certain important receptions, such as the meal offered on the occasion of the National holiday, where he receives an average of 300 people.

During the summer months, the Luxembourg City Tourist Office has the honour of organising exclusive guided tours of the Grand Ducal Palace. Visitors can discover the inside of the Palace, including the Grand Duke’s office, the dining room and the Kings’ Lounge, to name a few. Worth taking the tour if you have some time! For more information, click here.

Tip: while walking in the Palace street, have a look at the strange poles on the other side, this lightened faces will look at you all the way you’re passing by….

The casemates of the Bock and Petrusse

 Continue your walk down to one of the main attractions of the city, the casemates, an extraordinary network of 23 km of underground galleries which have been carved into the rocks. They are unique in the world and bear witness to the glorious past of the legendary fortress city.

In 1994, UNESCO inscribed « Luxembourg, Old Quarters and Fortifications », including casemates, on the World Heritage List and since 1933, it is open to the public.

Chemin de la Corniche

Let’s go now in the direction of the “Chemin de la Corniche” or Walls of the Corniche. A walking path along the Bock’s side which offers a breathtaking view of the Grund and the Alzette Valley. 

Called the “most beautiful balcony in Europe” by the writer Batty Weber, this path is a must-see. The walk starts just next to the Casemates and takes you down in the lower part of the city, the Grund. 

The Grund district

If you don’t feel like walking down the Corniche to the Grund, you can also take the Pfaffenthal Panoramic elevator with a breathtaking view on the Grund, and part of the European business center just in front, accross the red bridge.

The Grund district is one of the most authentic and charming in the city of Luxembourg. It follows the meanders of the Petrusse river which flows into the Alzette, where you can also pass by the statue of the beautiful Melusina, the legendary luxembourgish mermaid. It offers the opportunity for charmingromantic outings apart from the animation of bars and restaurants in the evening. Walking in the Grund allows you to enjoy the peace and quiet of this area. 

Just lift your head to enjoy a sumptuous view of the green heights of the Upper Town or discover a detail about the historic buildings.

Some of its buildings are classified as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, such as the Abbey of Neumünster. 

The judiciary city

After visiting the Grund district, take the Saint-Esprit elevator to go to the judiciary city. The judiciary city of Luxembourg is an architectural complex of the city of Luxembourg, located on the plateau of the Saint-Esprit. Its buildings are built in modern Moselle Baroque to match the surrounding area and were designed by Robert Krier. The city is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites as well.

Constitution Square

After that, reach out to the Constitution Square. This square also houses the monument of the « Gëlle Fra », the Golden Lady in Luxembourgish. 

The centerpiece of the monument is a 21-meter-tall granite obelisk.  On top of the obelisk stands a gilded bronze statue representing the goddess of victory or « Queen of Freedom » holding out a laurel wreath as if placing it upon the head of the nation. The statue is one of the symbols of Luxembourg today, symbol of the freedom and resistance of the local people.

From up there we have a magnificent view on the State bank, Petrusse valley and the Adolphe bridge.

Petrusse Parks

To finish this walk around the city, you can walk down to the Petrusse Parks. Set up in a more romantic spirit, the Petrusse Parks combine deep topography, bizarre rock formations, ruins of fortifications and a famous Skatepark, where folks from all over the world come to enjoy a ride there.

Feel free to let us know in a comment if you also enjoyed visiting these places, and if you discovered other legends about Luxembourg 🙂

National Day in Luxembourg

For many years now, on the 23rd of June, it is a national day off in Luxembourg, and you can enjoy the official ceremony at 10am in Luxembourg city, followed by a mlilitary parade.

National Day in Luxembourg was originally meant to celebrate the Grand-Duke’s birthday. But did you know that it started with the birthday of the Grand Duchess Charlotte, which is on January 23rd? As the date of her birthday was in winter, the celebrations were postponed to a later date, on June 23rd. The date remained unchanged even after her reign.

However, on the 22nd of June, you should get ready for a big party in Luxembourg city! If you walk around the city in the evening, you will find music, DJ’s, dancefloors, street food and street bars in every corner. You should definitely not miss the beautiful 17 minutes fireworks which starts at 11pm and take place on the Pont Adolphe. Have fun!


Enjoying summer

Summer in Luxembourg is, as we mentioned in previous articles, a great time to enjoy festivals and some time outside.

If you just arrived in Luxembourg, you will be able to enjoy the many terrasses and bars out in the open.

And of course, summer is the time for travel and you will find in our blogs many destinations we have visited to guide you through a summer in Luxembourg.

And if you only a couples of days, there are always destination closer to the city that are worth seeing and easy to reach!

For example, did you know that Paris is only a 2-hour train ride away? And Cologne, in Germany, is even closer!

Among the festivals to see and enjoy this summer, don’t forget to stop by the schueberfouer to have a ride and enjoy a candied apple!

Summer in Luxembourg

Summer is most people favorite season. Holidays are just around the corner and the whole world seems to brighten up.

Luxembourg is no different and when the summer season kicks in, the plethoria of festivals and activities suddenly transform this tiny country in a lively, modern, nature-orientated paradise.

Every year, the « Fête de la Musique » launches the festivities with many concerts on the main squares of the city center. And then, there is of course the National Day that actually runs over 2 days with a spectacular firework at midnight on June 23rd. And since the next day is always a bank holiday, you will be able to enjoy the party well into the night… or early morning!

Another very important event of the summer season is the Schueberfouer, a fair that brings the most exilerating rides and food trucks to the city for a week.

As you can see, summer in Luxembourg is far from dull! And we haven’t even begun mentioning the many music concerts, theater and opera that are open to the public throughout the summer months. You will find a full program of the activities here !

Of course, this summer, or at least its beginning will be focused on the FIFA World Cup… and while Luxmebourg is not particpating this year, the enthousiasm from the hundreds of thousands of expatriates living in the country will certanly make for some entertainment with outside viewings on gigantic screens.

Biking in Luxembourg, the greener way to discover the city!

Luxembourg is a huge city gathering so many different cultures. When you come to work in Luxembourg, you usually remember only the ride from home to work. But some people might not know how beautiful the city is once you start to wander around the streets. On one hand you have all the buildings and the constant evolution of the city, on the other hand the capital offers many great green areas to relax. It is also a very big city to visit, but of course when you come to work here for a couple of months, you may not have a car.

How about a bike ride then? You can find more than 50 bike stations to rent a bike and go around the city. There are many great spots to visit, such as the Grund, the Clausen Hill, or Place d’Armes for example. Or if you want to see more of Mother Nature, you can stop by one of the three nature reserves of Luxembourg. Why not go for a picnic by a river or a lake? Or go on a hike on the Mullerthal trail? There are so many different cycling path you can find on Luxembourg’s Touristic Office website.

The bike ride is very cheap, a one year subscription is worth 15.00€. A good way to discover your city and to be green at the same time, isn’t it?

Don’t hesitate to share with us pictures of you architectural discoveries !

Your arrival in Luxembourg

You have landed a job or an internship in Luxembourg? Congratulations and Welcome to our tiny piece of heaven!

As the months pass by, you’ll see that this little European country has many great advantages to offer to its residents!

Speaking of which, in order to become a resident here in Luxembourg, you must go to the Commune of the place you are living to register yourself as a resident.

You will need to bring with you your passport or ID, a copy of your employment (or internship) contract and a copy of your lease agreement.


For Luxemourg city itself, the building that welcomes you to register yourself is called the Bierger-Center and is located on Place Guillaume II in the city center.

Little tip from someone that has lived here for quite a few years and has a great deal of experience with the administration here in Luxembourg : come right at the opening hour at 8am as to not wait too long for the registration.

We are, of course, available to answer your questions as well.