How to become the « perfect » roommate in 10 lessons

Living in a flatshare is rather nice provided you follow a few rules. Furnished lists for you the 10 rules to follow to become the ideal roommate.

1. Tranquility and calm
Flatsharing necessarily means sharing several spaces together. You are at home, of course, but it is not needed to make all your phone calls from the living room, to put the TV in the background, to play the guitar in the dining room. Respect the tranquility of the place, especially if your roommates are working!

2. Sharing of tasks
No, your roommates are not your maids! It is essential to set up a schedule of household chores to be done in your home and to distribute the work fairly. You will live in a healthier environment knowing that you have done your part.

3. Respect for privacy
Everyone’s room and everyone will be happy! So, you always knock before entering the private areas of the other occupants of the flat. Same for the bathroom and toilet, especially if your flatshare is mixed.

4. Caring and positive spirit!
Between roommates, we give each other a hand, we help to move a piece of furniture, to fillout paperwork … In short, we are present as we would be with friends and we remain positive in case of problems! This is the best way to make friends and especially to maintain a good atmosphere.

5. Clear and frank communication
Communication and honesty are also assets to have good relations with your roommates and avoid frustrations. Do not keep what’s wrong with you, be clear and say it calmly. There is bound to be a solution and you will find it together.

6. Pay your share
Money matters must be settled as quickly as possible. It’s not complicated, just share all the fees according to the number of people sharing your accommodation. Expenses equally divided will not create any conflict. And do not be late to pay your dues.

7. Minimize the number of big parties
You like big parties, so much the better, but that may not be the case with your roommates. So, avoid organizing one every weekend. And, by the way, even if your roommates like it from time to time, they may end up getting tired of seeing a crowd come home every night!

8. Avoid inviting « weird » buddies
Of course, you can invite friends, but know how to choose them! Indeed, your boyfriend, with his gritty jokes, or your friend with well-defined political ideas may not please your roommates. In short, do not mix genres to avoid unpleasant surprises.

9. Be clean and organized
Be clean everyday. Do not leave your dirty dishes lying in the sink, leave the toilets and the bathroom clean behind your , put away your books that invade the living room … In short, once again, be respectful of others by being organized. If you do not do it for yourself, do it for your roommates, they will be delighted.

10. Cooking for roommates
From time to time, do not hesitate to please your roommates by organizing a small dinner, by cooking a dessert, improvising an aperitif! There is nothing better to create a warm atmosphere between you and get to know each other little by little.

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