Apartment pictures: Professional or amateur?

Real estate is starting to catch up with the rest of the world with technologies worthy of the future. VR to visit new apartments without coming out of the agency office and photos taken mostly by iPhones.

But is it really a good strategy to save money by not hiring a professional? After all, the game of real estate, especially in the case of a flatsharing is based on pictures and how attractive they are.

Only a professional photographer will be able to draw the quintessence of a room. And while people want « real » pictures, a photographer will be able to not only capture the room’s image but also its atmosphere. Airbnb has understood this concept and employs more than 3000 professional photographers around the world, involving them systematically for each posting. And for good reason, having professional pictures taken makes it more than 2.5 times more likely to score a reservation!

That is why at Furnished, we always use a professional photographer for each of our rooms: to give our tenants a fair idea of volumes, brightness, and comfort but also capture the ambiance of the residence.

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