Bon baisers de Bruges

Location, location, location.

No matter the industry or the field of activity of your business, it always comes back to location! It is such a crucial factor in a business environment to find that perfect spot, the one that makes your target audience meet your ambiance.

Well, Luxembourg definitely has a great location in Europe and  after making you travel to New York, Madrid and Rome, we are headed to Bruges, a beautiful city in Belgium, near the North Sea.


Labelled the Venise of the North, this small town is circled by a canal, reminiscent of its history and location. The historic city center is recognised as a prominent Worl Heritage Site of UNESCO and is a pleasure to wander around. The little streets, many churches and bars make a for a lively and yet charming town. The preservation of the historic buildings from the 15th and 16th Century can transport you to an age where horse carriage was the quickest mode of transportation. And you can still enjoy a ride in one of the carriage to explore the city in its purest form.

If you feel more like taking a boat ride, the city offers you a great 30 minutes boat ride for only 8 euros to discover the city from the canals. And the comments of the captain about the history of the city are hilarious!

Now a visit of this city wouldn’t be complete without a stop at the Beer Wall, a bar that has a truly incredible wall of beers! They propose a great tasting of local beers on a little terrasse that has a great view on the canals.

Once you have finished drinking your beer tasting, the House of Waffle is your next stop. This establishment has been around since 1929 and it is one of the only waffle palces that lets you choose between a Gaufre Liégoise and a Gaufre Bruxelloise, the two types of waffle of Belgium.

When night comes, head to Geernaartstraat, the streets of bars. You will find there the « Bar des Amis », literally the Friend’s bar that has great ambiance for a night out.

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