A week-end in Brussels

Waffles, fries, beer and chocolate. The perfect reference to our neighbor country, Belgium right? In this article we will tell you how to spend a week-end in Brussels, accessible with a direct train from Luxembourg-city. 

Must-see in Brussels

Manneken Pis, Brussels

You can not go to Brussels without looking for the street with the Manneken Pis. A legend tells that this young boy saved the city by peeing by accident on the fuse of a bomb. If you want an additonal challenge, try to find his girlfriend, Jeanneke-Pis, also hiding in a tiny street of Brussels. Within walking distance from there, you will find the main Grand Place and the Chocolate Museum (this should also be a stop in your day!). 

Depending on the period you will visit, the Grand Place of Brussels hosts different events such as a giant flower carpet, the enormous Christmas tree, sound and lights shows and even concerts.

After walking around the city center, walking through the Galeries Royales St-Hubert, passing by the Palace, the Mont des Arts, you can go in the direction of the Palace Of Justice with its famous forever ongoing reconstruction. We recommend you to go there around sunset time, the view over the lower and older part of the city looks beautiful! 

At the end of the day, you can take a direct metro from there to the Atomium. This is the Symbol of Belgium since the 1958 universal exposition. It is very nice to see it by night, and you can even visit it inside! Finally, if you are looking for a good place for dinner, there is a restaurant as well in the Atomium, which has a breathtaking view of the city. 

Luxembourg has an important place within the European Union so does Brussels, the home of the European parliament. If you are interested, you can book a visit to the parliament to better understand the work they are doing, or you can just go and walk around it. 

Brussels also has a few of beautiful green areas such has the Parc du Cinquantenaire (where Stromae made the clip of Fils de joie), the Royal Park next to the Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Belgium and the Bois de la Cambre with a delicious restaurant in the middle of the lake called The Chalet Robinson

If you are into plants and nature you can also visit the Botanical Museum and the beautiful Serre Royale in Laeken.

Shopping time!

If you are looking for some shopping, Brussels is full of places to shop and for all tastes! Besides the few shopping malls, there is several very known shopping streets:  Avenue de la Toison d’or, Chaussée d’Ixelles, Avenue Louise and Rue Neuve. 

If you are looking for more vintage shopping, there are also several thrift shops like Foxhole vintage or Episode.

Finally you can also go to the Brussels Vintage Market every first Sunday of the month not so far from the Royal Park. If  you know how to look for it, you will find unique pieces, guaranteed! 

Someone said food?

Legendary Belgian fries with mayonnaise

Our favorite part, of course! Brussels is a cosmopolitan city which means that you can find food for all tastes. But first thing first, you can not come to Brussels without grabbing a waffle from the foodtruck from the street or the Belgian (yes, it is not French) fries with mayonnaise.

As already mentioned earlier, The Chalet Robinson is a good restaurant in the Bois de la Cambre where they serve brunch formulas that are exquisite.

If you want to try one of our famous Belgian dishes such as mussels (from the north sea) or chicons gratin, we suggest you head up to Sainte-Catherine Square. The Mussel Mongers or any restaurants nearby will satisfy you. Nearby Place Jourdan and Flagey square, you can find some good places as well for dinner and for drinks. 

If you are looking for some street food, there is a street called “la rue des pittas” with Greek and Turkish origins food.

Finally, if you want to buy the famous belgian chocolate as a souvenir, near the Manneken Pis is the perfect area for it.

Never too late to go party

Spirito Club, Brussels

After a good dinner, you should definitely go for at least one drink just to see the spirit of the city! Young folks, students and workers will be there cheering with friends  for sure 🙂

If you are in the area of Place Jourdan, the most famous bar is probably Café Belga, always crowded, with its red chairs terrace open all around the year.  Within walking distance from the Grand Place or Sainte-Catherine square, you can go to the Saint-Gery Halles,  a festive district in the city center with lots of bars and good music.

Furthermore, the Cemetery of Ixelles district, Luxembourg Square and the Flagey square are smaller versions of the Halles which are just as lively and crowded! 

Did you know that in Brussels they turned a church into a club? That’s the Spirito club and you should definitely check it out, it’s insane! You can find several other night clubs such as les “Jeux d’Hiver” , a famous place to be in the Bois de la Cambre and few other clubs around the Central Station. 

As winter times approaches, you should visit the Winter Wonders with the Christmas market located in the old center not so far from the Grand Place. 

As you may have understood, Brussels is a capital full of culture, a city that never sleeps where you will find museums for all tastes and other events such as concerts, art expositions and more! Find out what is happening now here.

We hope you will enjoy your week-end in Brussels, feel free to let us know in a comment which places you went to visit! 

Benvingut a Barcelona

Dear readers,

It almost feels like summer is over already and yet we don’t want to relish this unique feeling of excitement of a summer holiday.

So, in typical Millenial fashion, we have decided to enjoy it till it lasts. And that started with an impromptu weekend in Barcelona with 2 locals to discover the city like true Barcelonians.

We started our weekend with a breakfast at one of the oldest pastry shop in Barcelona and the one behind the creation of the Cacaolat, sort of chocolate and milk drink that is everyone’s breakfast in Catalunya.

We then went for a nature-filled walk on MontJuïc, one of the hills of Barcelona that has the Olympic stadium and the Museum of History of Catalunya. The views of the city are also spectacular!

At few hours later, when our stomachs reminded us that we are not used to the Spanish hour of luncheon, our two local guides brought us to the incredible Galeria Nacional, which, contrary to its name, is a covered passage, decorated in a marvelous Art-Déco style that offers 6 or so restaurants.

The afternoon was spent walking along the Passeig de Gràcia, enjoying the many shops the city offers to its tourist.

Dinner was taken from a beautiful terrace at the hotel Miramar on top of the MontJuïc hill.

Sunday dawned on us and we decided to undertake the boardwalk from Barceloneta and the Olympic harbor to the W hotel, a few kilometers away. You follow the long stretch of beaches and you can stop for a drink on one of the many chiringuitos.

The paella is, evidently, THE DISH of Sunday and we recommend the one of the Chirringuito Pez Vela at the end of the boardwalk. It isn’t the closest one but the most authentic for sure!

And if you have some extra days, don’t hesitate to wander the street of the Gothic district and visit the Parc Güell!

See you back in Luxembourg for new blog posts 🙂

The discovery of Andorra

You probably know by now that, we, at Furnished, love to discover new places and in turn make you discover them through this blog.

Well, this time we are bringing you to a new country that very few have heard about: Andorra!

This tiny country nestled between France and Spain has many wonders to offer to tourists.

Its mountains allow for great trekkings while its very low VAT will be perfect for avid shoppers. The country is also full of surprises like the Carmen Thyssen museum that has an incredible collection of Modern Art.

And let us not forget the impressive thermal center Caldea that has many internal and external pools warmed naturally by the soil of the mountain. You will find there a beautiful sound and light show that will make you want to come back!

Andorra also offers a spectacular show by The Cirque du Soleil with Divas as a theme.

As you can see, no matter the type of traveler you are, there are activities for everybody in Andorra. And we are not saying this only because one of our employees is from there 😉

Enjoy the pictures and the sunny weather!

Que viva España !

Life is always better in summer.

Days are longer and holidays make people smile more.

Well, while Furnished is not on a holiday, we have decided to show you the best of Spain for your next holiday.

We’ll start with the North of Spain (because we like to do things properly!) with the beautiful region of Cantabria. This region offers as many mountains as ocean to its visitors and is a great spot for surf, especially in the well-named beach « Playa de los locos ».

Its capital Santander had a beautiful 5 kilometers-long boardwalk that will take you from beaches to the city center and its many small streets and shops. The Spanish atmosphere is all there with many people out late at night and many concerts in the open.

We do have some recommendations of things to do in this region:

  1. Have an ice cream at Regma – they have many locations around Cantabria and there are the best ice creams you will ever taste. Oh and one scope actually two flavors… 
  2. Go visit the Picos de Europa
  3. Have a swim in Santander 
  4. Indulge in history with the Capricho de Goya
  5. Relive your childhood in the zoo of Cabarceno 
  6. Discover the picturesque village of Santillana del Mar, the village of the three lies 
  7. Spurge in some churros, anywhere 
  8. Enjoy some fresh fish in San Vicente de la Barquera 
  9. Dance all night long in Suances 
  10. Rest and relax in Puente Viesgo’s thermal hotel 

As you can see, there are many things to do in this part of Spain… and we haven’t mentioned its incredible gastronomy or wonderful beaches. So, take some days off, pack up and join us for a trip you won’t forget!

Que viva España !

Bon baisers de Bruges

Location, location, location.

No matter the industry or the field of activity of your business, it always comes back to location! It is such a crucial factor in a business environment to find that perfect spot, the one that makes your target audience meet your ambiance.

Well, Luxembourg definitely has a great location in Europe and  after making you travel to New York, Madrid and Rome, we are headed to Bruges, a beautiful city in Belgium, near the North Sea.


Labelled the Venise of the North, this small town is circled by a canal, reminiscent of its history and location. The historic city center is recognised as a prominent Worl Heritage Site of UNESCO and is a pleasure to wander around. The little streets, many churches and bars make a for a lively and yet charming town. The preservation of the historic buildings from the 15th and 16th Century can transport you to an age where horse carriage was the quickest mode of transportation. And you can still enjoy a ride in one of the carriage to explore the city in its purest form.

If you feel more like taking a boat ride, the city offers you a great 30 minutes boat ride for only 8 euros to discover the city from the canals. And the comments of the captain about the history of the city are hilarious!

Now a visit of this city wouldn’t be complete without a stop at the Beer Wall, a bar that has a truly incredible wall of beers! They propose a great tasting of local beers on a little terrasse that has a great view on the canals.

Once you have finished drinking your beer tasting, the House of Waffle is your next stop. This establishment has been around since 1929 and it is one of the only waffle palces that lets you choose between a Gaufre Liégoise and a Gaufre Bruxelloise, the two types of waffle of Belgium.

When night comes, head to Geernaartstraat, the streets of bars. You will find there the « Bar des Amis », literally the Friend’s bar that has great ambiance for a night out.

Roman Holiday

Audrey Hepburn understood back in 1963 that there was nothing better than a holiday in Rome. Now, more than 50 years later, Rome remains one the most visited city in the world. With good reason!

The city offers not only history and architectural marvels but also a distinct and delicious cuisine, (almost) supplanted by the equisite wines and spirits and the incomparable ambiance of the city.

And while traipsing through the many hills of the city might not be your cup of tea, Rome has many other attractions for you to discover! One of them is without a doubt, Trastevere, the boho-chic, thrift shop-filled shops and a great neighborhood for the Aperitivo, a Roman tradition of drinking and eating after work.

We would also recommend stopping by the Villa Borghese and its incredible gardens that will offer you a welcomed shadow to rest under.

And because European cities does have similarities, you can walk along the Tibre and step over the island in the middle, Isola Tiberina, almost believing you’ve traveled to Paris by simply crossing the Ponte Garibaldi.

And of course, Rome is the home of pizza and pasta and gelatti and insalata and all those fabulous dishes (and drinks!) that are uniquely Italian!

If you don’t have the opportunity to travel to the Eternal City, stay tuned to our Instagram this weekend, we’ll make you discover Rome in all its splendor!


A weekend in Madrid

Viva España !


What is great about Luxembourg is that enjoying a weekend in an European capital is so easy to book! With many destinations available either by train or flight, Luxembourg is definitely at the heart of Europe.

But this weekend, we are bringing you to Madrid! The Spanish capital is a paradise for « cervezas con tapas ». The city is full of little restaurants that offer Spanish cuisine and, above all, the Spanish ambiance. Imagine entire streets with people drinking and eating after a long day of work, under the Spanish sun and surrounded by culture and historic buildings.

Apart from food and drinks, the city is a true gem for museums and botanic garden such as El Prado and its extensive collection of Picasso, Goya and Velasquez. The old Post building is an architectural marvel and let’s not forget, La Puerta del Sol, iconic square of Madrid.

Green areas and parks are also common with the Palacio Real and its beautiful botanic garden or the Retiro park with its lake. Why not take the time to rent a boat and relax under the sun in this « green lung » in the middle of Madrid ?

Don’t forget to stop by the Rastro, a traditional street market in Madrid that covers an entire neighborhood ! And of course, La Plaza España, unmissable if you want to do some shopping!

And if you want to trade the city for the countryside on Sunday, head to Aranjuez, the home of the Royal Family and a beautiful Medieval town that has a rich and tasty gastronomy!



Portugal, our weekend getaway recommendation!

Looking for a good deal for a weekend away?

Located in the south-west of the Iberian Peninsula, Portugal is to a great extent border with the Atlantic Ocean; which explains its maritime vocation! In the 15th century, thanks to its brilliant navigators who braved the sea and opened new maritime routes, Portugal reigned over the world.

Lisbon boasts iconic monuments, such as the Jerónimos Monastery (known as Mosteiro dos Jeronimos) and the Belém Tower, as symbols of this glorious period. Portugal is also the alma mater of cod fishing, thanks to their venturing into the cold waters of Newfoundland, and the drying and salting process, which has become a symbol of Portuguese gastronomy and probably the most reknown product of Portugal.

For half a century this country lived with a fascist political regime, under the government of Salazar, but was able to shook it off thanks to a peaceful revolution in 1974, « the carnation revolution ». To this day, there is a mixture of joy and sadness, strength and gentleness in the Portuguese population, feelings that translate to its unique music – Fado and the untranslatable word « Saudade« .

Portugal attracts more and more tourists each year and its largest regions (Porto, Lisbon, Algarve, Alentejo) collect the prices of the best tourist destination in the world. The reasons are many: quiet and authentic countryside and cities, optimum sunshine, beautiful natural sites and a varied heritage, a welcoming population that is very often multilingual and a country that is only 2 hours away from the main European capitals by plane.

Everyone finds their pleasure « farniente » on the beautiful white and black sand beaches of the Algarve, sports, tourism and cultural activities, scenery in the picturesque villages of Alentejo, passing by the Nazaré for the best waves for amateurs Surf.

Many words call to mind Portugal and irresistibly evoke the pleasure of travel: porto -fado – pastéis de nata – azulejos – Manueline art – golf – marble – cork …

A weekend in the Big Apple

We mentioned in a previous article that flatsharing was about making new discoveries and, of course, sharing them with others. 

This week, we moved to New York to discover how flatsharing was done on the other side of the Atlantic. 

With its hundred of thousands of students, New York is definitely one of the most popular destinations in terms of flatsharing. Universities offer dorms, usually shared with other roommates but apartments with 2, 3, 4 or 6 flatmates flourish all over the city. 

We have met a some of these flat mates to understand how it is to live in the city that never sleeps. 

Students from Columbia university answered our questions:

Question: Is it expensive to live in NYC?

Answer: Living in New York is very much expensive. Rents are not easily affordable and that makes flatsharing a great solution to avoid living too far from the Uni. 

Question: Is it easy to find an apartment?

Answer: People tend to find their apartment thanks to the ads posted at Uni. Since so many students come and go, there are always apartments freeing themselves for new comers. 

Question: What are the benefits of living in a flat share?

Answer: Sharing the expenses! And getting to know people in a new city and discovering it with them. Sharing tips and great spots to enjoy the city. 

Question: Would you do a flatsharing somewhere else?

Answer: My experience with flatsharing was great even counting in the moments of frustration we experienced with one of our roommate! I will definitely choose a flat share again  and actually I am moving to Rome where I have found a new flat share already. 

Question: Would you enjoy an all-in flatshare?

Answer: It would be great to have a professionnel offer a service of flatshare where we can be sure of what we are booking. And it would make things easier of the room/flat was already furnished.

Here are some of the response we got from the students at Columbia university that are preparing there graduation. 

Flatsharing is definitely there choice of predilection when it comes to accommodation in foreign countries. Will it be yours? 

Our trip in New York is not over yet, follow us on Instagram to see the rest of our adventures in the Big Apple!