14 Decorating Tips while on a Budget

You’ve just moved in into your new flatshare but it does not feel at home yet? Decorating it is a great idea but how to justify the investment it represents? After all, you will only be staying for a few month, probably not even a year. So, in order to remedy to this problem, we have put together some tips for decorating on a budget.

Remember, though, that before you do anything in your flatshare – painting a wall or even hanging a piece of art – it’s wise to check with your landlord first what you can do. 

Touch Interiors
Tape up wallpaper

Nothing makes a room more inviting than a wall of colors and while painting or parpering it can be tricky (especially if you are in a flatshare), we have found a great solution for you to add color to your life (and your room). Buy a single roll of wallpaper and hang it like a sheet using double-sided tape. Easy to do and even easier to remove!

Luci.D Interiors

Cushions to the power!

Adding cushions to a room, any room is the perfect (and playful) way to brighten-up a space without worrying about having a long-term commitment. We’d recommend chosing bright colours and patterns – and remember that it super easy to empty them, fold them and bring them to your new apartment.

As for the filling, little tip from us to you : use a larger cushion pad to have a firmer cushion that can be turned into an extra sit when guests come by for an « apéro ».

Arkee Creative

The unsuspected powers of the rug…

A sofa is great, cushions to decorate it are attractive, but a rug… a rug has so many different uses that it is an imprescindible of interior design.  It will not only hide an unattractive floor, but also bring colour without painting, and, if you buy a large enough one now, you’re likely to have a place to put it in your next home.


Studio Revolution

Stick ’em up

Another alternative to nailing up numerous frames is to hang lightweight images, which can be suspended with Blu Tack or bulldog clips attached with double-sided tape.

Lindye Galloway Design

The headboard

A headboard serves to anchor a bed and by extension the room it is located in. Adding a large headboard to your bed can give a dramatic look to your room and give an impression of more filled-in. Buy one that is freestanding and you will even be able to reuse it later on.

Dreamy Whites

Introduce mirrors

A tall mirror leaning against a wall can expand your space and dress the room without being hung, and you’ll always be able to find a use for it in a new home. For even more impact, paint or gold-leaf the frame, and don’t be afraid to group a few mismatched mirrors together.

Just Perfect!

Layer throws

Like cushions, throws are great for adding instant colour that can move not just between homes, but between rooms. Folded neatly on the bed, tossed over a chair, spread across a sofa – there are so many ways to use them. Plus, they add a sense of inviting warmth.

The Room Illuminated

Light with lamps

A tall, dramatic lamp is a good way to emulate the light from a nonexistent ceiling fixture, while also adding a feature that makes the room feel more filled-in. Choose a chunky work-lamp-inspired style for high impact and plenty of light.

Owl Design

Opt for black and white

Another strategy to give a place a styled look is to stick to a mostly black-and-white theme. It works with any flooring and simple white walls and, combined with neutral basics, creates an austere, Parisian-studio look. Simply add a colour pop with fresh flowers and you’ve got a fully formed concept with just a few pieces and no stress – perfect for a busy life on the go.

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