Wondering what to do in Luxembourg during the week-end?

It is almost the weekend and you don’t know what to do ? We gather a couple of activities that you can enjoy here in Luxembourg!

Bowling in Foetz

The bowling in Foetz is a perfect place  to spend fabulous moments with friends. 20 bowling alleys, 12 pool tables, games room, bar, everything to spend fabulous moments of unforgettable relaxation (and competition 😉). This bowling is easily accessible with a direct bus from the Luxembourg train station. Find prices and opening hours here.

Jeux de quilles

If there is a national sport that smells good tradition and endless appetizers in Luxembourg, it is « Jeux de quilles» or «Keelen» but to do it, you need a suitable track or «Keelebunn» and here is our 6 places for you : 

  1. Small neighborhood bar on the border between Bonnevoie and Howald, the Gielen Eck is a nice plan to go for an aperitif with friends and overturn some bowls. For more cultural profiles, it is also ideally located opposite the Théâtre Ouvert Luxembourg
  1. Trendy atmosphere on the Minett side, the Escher Kafé in Esch-sur-Alzette gathers a joyful festive and/or trendy local population, rather Luxembourgish speaking, who likes to slum and play bowling without having to climb to the capital. 
  1. Discreet and gourmet atmosphere, here is an establishment that is definitely worth a visit: at Brasserie Beaulieu. Not only do you eat good, well-served dishes that remind us of grandma’s cooking, but you can also enjoy a nice private room with a bowling alley on the mezzanine. 
  1. Unusual atmosphere on the outskirts of the capital, in the center of Hesperange, the Café Bei der Uelzecht – literally “next to the Alzette” – offers a room at the back where an incongruous bridge crosses the bowling alley to facilitate table service. The place is very rural without being creepy.
  1. Unmissable atmosphere where the timeless Bouneweger Stuff, the rallying point of the whole neighborhood and much more, always features a «Keelebunn» in its second room in the back.

Thermal centers

The thermal origin of the Mondorf-les-Bains health center dates back to the Kind spring in 1841, whose health benefits were recognized in 1847. Since then, the curists coming from the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg but also from neighboring countries are constantly growing and enjoying the benefits of thermal water. Since 1988, the establishment has been made up of two hotels, a spa, numerous beach activities, restaurants and rooms for private or professional events. This thermal center is ideal for moments of relaxation and wellness if you feel like having a “me-time” during the week-end. 

Whether you come alone or with friends, let yourself be enchanted by the aquatic panoply. Les Thermes located in Strassen is a state of mind: Play, have fun or relax and enjoy the calm, all in an unusual place.In a family and friendly atmosphere, you will be able to fully recharge your batteries.

Mondorf-les-bains Domaine thermal

Lasergame: in Esch-sur-Alzette and Hesperange

It’s confusing, awesome and entertaining at the same time. A light fog, you witness a real set of laser beams that go in all directions. The music trains you, concentration wins you, you are caught in the game! You will only get out once your legs won’t follow you!!

100% laser, this activity is a leisure open to all and extraordinary fun! It is in a space at the same time obscure and confusing, consisting of partitions, reflective areas, obstacles of all kinds where you will try to flush out your friends in 3 labyrinth rooms covered by mezzanines and walkways. You can also choose the location between Esch-sur-Alzette and Hesperange at Luxembourg-ville. Feeling excited already ?

Pools game

Everyone must know this classic game. It is a fun way to chill with some friends by doing some exercises ( yes, pools is a sport, we swear 🙂). There are many places where you can practice billard in Luxembourg but not exclusively. We recommend the Oscar’s dinner in the Gare area, with a large amount of pools tables. Burgers are also served and very tasty!

Escape game: in Luxembourg-city and Dudelange

Escape from a room where you’re locked in less than 60 minutes. In teams of 3 to 5 players, it is then a question of cooperating, using your logic, your sense of observation and your sense of deduction to get out as quickly as possible. You can choose the thema that you like and do teamwork with your friends to get out. Whoever keeps his head cold is sure to get out.

Feel free to let us know in a comment which activities you tried and what was your favorite here in Luxembourg 🙂

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