National Day in Luxembourg

For many years now, on the 23rd of June, it is a national day off in Luxembourg, and you can enjoy the official ceremony at 10am in Luxembourg city, followed by a mlilitary parade.

National Day in Luxembourg was originally meant to celebrate the Grand-Duke’s birthday. But did you know that it started with the birthday of the Grand Duchess Charlotte, which is on January 23rd? As the date of her birthday was in winter, the celebrations were postponed to a later date, on June 23rd. The date remained unchanged even after her reign.

However, on the 22nd of June, you should get ready for a big party in Luxembourg city! If you walk around the city in the evening, you will find music, DJ’s, dancefloors, street food and street bars in every corner. You should definitely not miss the beautiful 17 minutes fireworks which starts at 11pm and take place on the Pont Adolphe. Have fun!


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