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Benvingut a Barcelona

Dear readers, It almost feels like summer is over already and yet we don’t want to relish this unique feeling of excitement of a summer holiday. So, in typical Millenial fashion, we have decided to enjoy it till it lasts. And that started with an impromptu weekend in Barcelona with 2 locals to discover the […]

Enjoying summer

Summer in Luxembourg is, as we mentioned in previous articles, a great time to enjoy festivals and some time outside. If you just arrived in Luxembourg, you will be able to enjoy the many terrasses and bars out in the open. And of course, summer is the time for travel and you will find in […]

The discovery of Andorra

You probably know by now that, we, at Furnished, love to discover new places and in turn make you discover them through this blog. Well, this time we are bringing you to a new country that very few have heard about: Andorra! This tiny country nestled between France and Spain has many wonders to offer […]

Que viva España !

Life is always better in summer. Days are longer and holidays make people smile more. Well, while Furnished is not on a holiday, we have decided to show you the best of Spain for your next holiday. We’ll start with the North of Spain (because we like to do things properly!) with the beautiful region […]

Roman Holiday

Audrey Hepburn understood back in 1963 that there was nothing better than a holiday in Rome. Now, more than 50 years later, Rome remains one the most visited city in the world. With good reason! The city offers not only history and architectural marvels but also a distinct and delicious cuisine, (almost) supplanted by the […]

A weekend in Madrid

Viva España !   What is great about Luxembourg is that enjoying a weekend in an European capital is so easy to book! With many destinations available either by train or flight, Luxembourg is definitely at the heart of Europe. But this weekend, we are bringing you to Madrid! The Spanish capital is a paradise […]

Dinner ideas for a smooth flatsharing

Flatsharing is all about sharing, be it the bathroom or the kitchen. But it is also about living in community. In order to help you with that, we have put together a list of 5 recipes that are perfect to gather around your flatmates around a good dinner and laughter. Our best recipes for successful […]

Coworking: an increasingly popular solution

What is coworking? You’ve probably heard of coworking. But just in case, coworking is about sharing an office space together with other companies even if their sector of activity is different. This type of « roommating » has no limit in terms of number of « roommates » or even duration. This cohabitation can extend over a few hours […]

A weekend in the Big Apple

We mentioned in a previous article that flatsharing was about making new discoveries and, of course, sharing them with others.  This week, we moved to New York to discover how flatsharing was done on the other side of the Atlantic.  With its hundred of thousands of students, New York is definitely one of the most […]