Your arrival in Luxembourg

You have landed a job or an internship in Luxembourg? Congratulations and Welcome to our tiny piece of heaven!

As the months pass by, you’ll see that this little European country has many great advantages to offer to its residents!

Speaking of which, in order to become a resident here in Luxembourg, you must go to the Commune of the place you are living to register yourself as a resident.

You will need to bring with you your passport or ID, a copy of your employment (or internship) contract and a copy of your lease agreement.


For Luxemourg city itself, the building that welcomes you to register yourself is called the Bierger-Center and is located on Place Guillaume II in the city center.

Little tip from someone that has lived here for quite a few years and has a great deal of experience with the administration here in Luxembourg : come right at the opening hour at 8am as to not wait too long for the registration.

We are, of course, available to answer your questions as well.


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