Biking in Luxembourg, the greener way to discover the city!

Luxembourg is a huge city gathering so many different cultures. When you come to work in Luxembourg, you usually remember only the ride from home to work. But some people might not know how beautiful the city is once you start to wander around the streets. On one hand you have all the buildings and the constant evolution of the city, on the other hand the capital offers many great green areas to relax. It is also a very big city to visit, but of course when you come to work here for a couple of months, you may not have a car.

How about a bike ride then? You can find more than 50 bike stations to rent a bike and go around the city. There are many great spots to visit, such as the Grund, the Clausen Hill, or Place d’Armes for example. Or if you want to see more of Mother Nature, you can stop by one of the three nature reserves of Luxembourg. Why not go for a picnic by a river or a lake? Or go on a hike on the Mullerthal trail? There are so many different cycling path you can find on Luxembourg’s Touristic Office website.

The bike ride is very cheap, a one year subscription is worth 15.00€. A good way to discover your city and to be green at the same time, isn’t it?

Don’t hesitate to share with us pictures of you architectural discoveries !

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