Spring, welcome back!

As we are in Spring, and warm days are slowly coming back, we have a few nice recommendations for you to do in Luxembourg as from now.

In Bettembourg, the « Parc Merveilleux » has re-opened since March 25. Yes, we know, it’s almost a month ago, but we were waiting for the weather to be meeting expectations as well before telling you about it! Parc Merveilleux is like a little zoo. You can walk around and see different kind of preserved animals, birds and insects. How to get there? Just take the direct train to Bettembourg, and from there a free bus will take you to the parc. You can bring your own food, or have lunch on site. They also sell food you can give to animals 🙂 It’s a very nice activity to occupy a day for all animal lovers.

You can find more infos here

If you like butterflies, Luxembourg has a « Butterfly garden » in Grevenmacher! Millions of butterflies flying around, different shapes, colors and sizes! You can walk around the hothouse and observe the beauty of nature. The visit lasts at least 1 hour and it’s very interesting to see once in your life.

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If you feel adventurous, we also recommend you to go in Vianden, north of Luxembourg, and jump around the famous tree climbing installations. You can find different levels, from easy to advanced… you will have fun for sure! If you are in this area, it is definitely worth visiting the castle of Vianden, located a few minutes away from the tree climbing. It looks beautiful from all angles, and even more inside! For all history lovers, the castle keeps a lot of memories through the decades and it is very interesting to know about it. (more information here). 

Let us know in a comment what outdoor activity you like to do in Luxembourg when the weather allows 🙂

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