Que viva España !

Life is always better in summer.

Days are longer and holidays make people smile more.

Well, while Furnished is not on a holiday, we have decided to show you the best of Spain for your next holiday.

We’ll start with the North of Spain (because we like to do things properly!) with the beautiful region of Cantabria. This region offers as many mountains as ocean to its visitors and is a great spot for surf, especially in the well-named beach « Playa de los locos ».

Its capital Santander had a beautiful 5 kilometers-long boardwalk that will take you from beaches to the city center and its many small streets and shops. The Spanish atmosphere is all there with many people out late at night and many concerts in the open.

We do have some recommendations of things to do in this region:

  1. Have an ice cream at Regma – they have many locations around Cantabria and there are the best ice creams you will ever taste. Oh and one scope actually two flavors… 
  2. Go visit the Picos de Europa
  3. Have a swim in Santander 
  4. Indulge in history with the Capricho de Goya
  5. Relive your childhood in the zoo of Cabarceno 
  6. Discover the picturesque village of Santillana del Mar, the village of the three lies 
  7. Spurge in some churros, anywhere 
  8. Enjoy some fresh fish in San Vicente de la Barquera 
  9. Dance all night long in Suances 
  10. Rest and relax in Puente Viesgo’s thermal hotel 

As you can see, there are many things to do in this part of Spain… and we haven’t mentioned its incredible gastronomy or wonderful beaches. So, take some days off, pack up and join us for a trip you won’t forget!

Que viva España !

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