A weekend in the Big Apple

We mentioned in a previous article that flatsharing was about making new discoveries and, of course, sharing them with others. 

This week, we moved to New York to discover how flatsharing was done on the other side of the Atlantic. 

With its hundred of thousands of students, New York is definitely one of the most popular destinations in terms of flatsharing. Universities offer dorms, usually shared with other roommates but apartments with 2, 3, 4 or 6 flatmates flourish all over the city. 

We have met a some of these flat mates to understand how it is to live in the city that never sleeps. 

Students from Columbia university answered our questions:

Question: Is it expensive to live in NYC?

Answer: Living in New York is very much expensive. Rents are not easily affordable and that makes flatsharing a great solution to avoid living too far from the Uni. 

Question: Is it easy to find an apartment?

Answer: People tend to find their apartment thanks to the ads posted at Uni. Since so many students come and go, there are always apartments freeing themselves for new comers. 

Question: What are the benefits of living in a flat share?

Answer: Sharing the expenses! And getting to know people in a new city and discovering it with them. Sharing tips and great spots to enjoy the city. 

Question: Would you do a flatsharing somewhere else?

Answer: My experience with flatsharing was great even counting in the moments of frustration we experienced with one of our roommate! I will definitely choose a flat share again  and actually I am moving to Rome where I have found a new flat share already. 

Question: Would you enjoy an all-in flatshare?

Answer: It would be great to have a professionnel offer a service of flatshare where we can be sure of what we are booking. And it would make things easier of the room/flat was already furnished.

Here are some of the response we got from the students at Columbia university that are preparing there graduation. 

Flatsharing is definitely there choice of predilection when it comes to accommodation in foreign countries. Will it be yours? 

Our trip in New York is not over yet, follow us on Instagram to see the rest of our adventures in the Big Apple! 

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