Coworking: an increasingly popular solution

What is coworking?
You’ve probably heard of coworking. But just in case, coworking is about sharing an office space together with other companies even if their sector of activity is different. This type of « roommating » has no limit in terms of number of « roommates » or even duration. This cohabitation can extend over a few hours as well as several years.

The advantages of coworking
If this trend is spreading more and more, it is primarily for financial reasons. The reasons are exactly the same as in a flatsharing between students for example.

A division of rent and charges is not the only benefit. Indeed, the equipment, such as the coffee machine, the internet network or the telephone, can also be shared and therefore included in the costs to be divided.

Coworking in a workspace means meeting new people and new companies. These companies that join your office space are a great way to expand your network (even if the industry is not the same as yours). Creating relationships with these companies could be very useful to you (partnership building, customer portfolio development, advice exchange, etc.). So it’s a great way to boost your business!

In case you are a young company for example, it is difficult to engage in the long term to have office space. Coworking is very advantageous for this. Indeed, you have no obligation to sign an entire year, you can simply rent a space for a client meeting or for the purpose of working on a specific project.

The last point is that it is very easy to access to a coworking space as the documents needed to be submitted are less than those required for a conventional commercial lease.

In a few words, the business world has reached the 21st century and has applied the same principles that allow students to afford an accommodation in a city center to the world of start-ups, increasing the number of industries that use the shared economies model to improve and encourage the new generation.

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