Dinner ideas for a smooth flatsharing

Flatsharing is all about sharing, be it the bathroom or the kitchen. But it is also about living in community.

In order to help you with that, we have put together a list of 5 recipes that are perfect to gather around your flatmates around a good dinner and laughter.

Our best recipes for successful evening with your flatmates


Any kind of pasta is not only easy and cheap to make, you are 90% sure that it will please your flatmates to have a plate full of spaghetti after a long day at the office… or right before going out.

Little tip to satisfy all your flatmates : try making a pasta without meat or prepare two different kinds, say pesto and bolognese to cater to all the different diatery requirements.


Italian food in general is great for a shared dinner and nothing bonds people more than pizza in front of a movie. And the greatest thing about Pizza is that, while it is easy to make, it’s even easier to order and have delivered.

Again, remember to pick two type, a veggie one and a meat one for all types of eaters.


It’s Sunday afternoon and it’s raining (because, let’s face it, the weather in Luxembourg is not the sunnier one), the laundry is done and you have been watching Netflix for the past 3 hours. Time to get proactive and dig out your inner Master Chef. Baking cookies is super easy and chances are that your flatmates will pop in the kitchen when the smell of cookies reaches their room.


Reclaim your French inheritance (or find someome in the flatshare that is French) and organize a crêpe night. Salty, sweet, jam or Nutella, everything can be put on a Crêpe and it’s super fun to try flip them while cooking them.

Summer salad

Summer is just around the corner and there is nothing better to empty the fridge than creating a huge salad with all the leftovers (fruits, veggies, chicken, poached eggs, etc). Not only will you be enjoying a healthy meal but you will also make a head start on the Spring Deep Cleaning. 

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