Behind the scenes of the administration in Luxembourg

As is the case every year, the Direct Tax Administration (CDA) will send taxpayers their tax deductions form. Said like that, it seems very daunting but the reality behind it is very important for newcomers.

Indeed, without this tax deduction form, the amount retained from your salary is quite consequent!

This form allows then your employer to apply the exact tax deduction on your remuneration. 

It is therefore very important to check the data in the form to avoid any unnecessary taxation.

The beauty of the Luxembourguish administration is that the tax slip is updated automatically, excepting you change your address and you are a non-resident taxpayer.

You have not yet received your tax deduction sheet? No worries, the RTS offices are open every morning from 8am to 11:45am to welcome you and assist you with your deduction form

Little tip: it is advisable to wait until March 1st before contacting the RTS office to report that you have not received your form as it can take up to that date to be sent to you.

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