Which plant shall you have at home?

You just moved in, filled the wardrobe with your clothes, brought a frame with a picture, put some home spray and still feel like there is something missing ? You’re probably missing a plant! 

Did you know that having indoor plants can improve your health? Indeed, it has been proven that Indoor plants can boost productivity, improve relationships, and even have a positive effect on your mental health! And let’s not forget they’re perfect for regenerating air in your room. You may say, you can’t take care of a plant, it’s always dying when it’s around you… but having plants doesn’t always have to be hard. 

Here’s a few easy and nice plants to have at home. 

1. the “snake” plant

This one is probably the easiest plant to keep. It does not demand too much attention, watering or special treatments, it just grows and looks good by your bedroom window. Research has shown that the Snake Plant is the MOST oxygen producing indoor plant, which is a huge benefit, and considered as a MUST-HAVE! 

2. Aloe Vera 

Aloe vera is a beautiful succulent plant easy to keep but needs a lot of light. It’s considered as a superhero plant because it has several assets.  This super plant releases oxygen and absorbs carbon dioxide at night, which makes it a great air purifier. Aloe is also great for burns & skin irritations. You can use it as a hair mask, facial moisturizer, as a shave gel and YES… you can even use it in smoothies! 

3. ZZ plant 

this one might be more boring, or let’s say less useful, but it grows majestic and looks great indoor. It’s very easy to keep alive, it does not need much light,  but don’t forget to water it at least every 2 weeks 😉 

4. Pothos Ivy

Again, a very easy plant to keep. The pothos Ivy grows very fast and it’s perfect if you want to hang it, or put it high to let it hang. It’s a perfect air purificator and gives us the oxygen we need. It is actually considered as the great beginner plant. 

5. Orchids

Last but not least, if you feel more like having flowers and you want to challenge yourself to keep a plant alive, the orchids are not that complicated but still demands a little more attention. You will have to water it once a week, but carefully because it can die if you put too much! if you take care of it correctly, ​​It will bloom and bloom and bloom again! 

let us know in a comment which one you go for!

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