It is possible to change the room providing that :

  • your room is available at the time of your request 
  • you pay the moving fee

Here is how it works: 

  • You will request the moving directly on our website through your account
  • If the room is available, you will be able to select your moving date 
  • We will send you an email confirming the moving and inviting you to pay for moving fee that is structured as follows:
    • Moving fee : 150,80.-€

An unexpected event, an inconvenience or your stay is postponed? The cancellation insurance guarantees you are refunded your booking fees in full.

In which circumstances : 

  • For any reason
  • Before your stay and up to two calendar weeks before handing over the keys 

How to signal my wish to cancel? 

  • I indicate by email my intention to cancel my reservation at least two weeks (calendar days) before handing over the keys. 

How am I refunded? 

  • I receive a confirmation email following my cancellation request 
  • I am refunded the expenses on my bank account

How much does it cost? 

  • 99 EUR


As a general rule, an inventory is established with you at the beginning and/or at the end of a stay. Our housekeeping staff will inspect your room carefully once you have left and inform us of any subsequent problem.

If any problem is noted, you will be informed and any subsequent charge will be added to your final statement. 


Before leaving your room, please make sure that you have collected ALL your personal belongings from your room, the bathroom, the kitchen, the laundry room or any other common area
Don’t forget also to empty the fridge and the cupboards in the kitchen.
Should you forget any personal belongings at the residence, we can send those over to the address of your choice. Please note that the postage costs will be charged to you. 


Please leave the towels and bed-sheets provided to you on the bed for us to collect.
There is no need for you to clean your towels or your bed-sheets. Our housekeeping staff will take care of them during the exit cleaning.


You will need to make an appointment by login into your account and clicking on your reservation history and selecting the tiny locker. Once you have set a date and time, we simply need you to drop the keys at our office located at 149 rue de Hollerich L-1741 Luxembourg at the designated hour. 

NB: Please note we need you to drop the keys from 10am until noon at the latest on the last day of your contract. 

If you do not drop the keys from 10am until noon, some charges will apply. 

If the office is closed by the time you drop the keys, please leave your keys in an envelop with your name, your room reference and the date of the drop-off in the mailbox outside the office.


The deposit will be refunded within a maximum period of 8 (eight) weeks from the date of your departure. The amount refunded will reflect any charges added to the final statement (such as extension or early termination fees, etc).

The deposit can be refunded only after reception of your complete bank details, the return of your keys and the end of your contract (name of the beneficairy, beneficairy Bank (name + BIC code), full IBAN account number). An email will be sent to you with a form to provide us with your bank details. 

Please be aware that it is up to you to check your account and final statement. 


If you wish to forward your mail to a new address, please go to the nearest post office (Gare or Centre) and request for the forwarding of your mail.

If you have registered yourself at the local commune, you must inform the commune, within 48 hours after your contract has ended, of your moving and of your new address.
Otherwise, penalties might apply as foreseen by the contract.


    • For rooms within a houseshare : minimum 2 (two) weeks – maximum 1 (one) year
    • For infividual flats : generally a minimum 6 months is required


You want to extend your running contract ? YES it is possible.

Here is how :

    • Request the extension directly through your account 
    • An extension request will be charged along with a new agency fee, calculated as follows:
      •  1 month’s rent + VAT
      • Ex : You want to extend your running contract for 3 more months and the new rent is €850, you will be charged once with 850€ + 136€ = 986,-€
      • No new deposit will be requested to extend. 


As a general rule, your contract ends the last day of your stay without any other formality, however it is possible to request an early departure.

Please be aware that a one-month notice is required.

Here is how :

    • Request the early termination directly through your account
    • An early termination fee of 197,20.-€ will be added to your final statement 
    • We will send you an email confirming your early termination request and indicating when your contract is ending considering the one-month notice.

Furnished.lu is a furnished rental professional who are committed to contributing to the tranquillity of the buildings in which they manage furnished rental apartments and rooms, by respecting the following principles:

  1. Information for renters:

Before or during check-in, furnished.lu undertakes to provide his/her clients with information including, at least:

  • Habits and customs
  • The specificities of each building, particularly the need to:
    • Respect the neighbours and maintain the best possible relations with the building’s residents (politeness and discretion)
    • Respect the common areas, and not make noise while carrying luggage in the stairwell, or by banging the front door, or running on the stairs
    • Respect notices and building rules on display in the building
    • Point out where the rubbish bins are kept.
    • How to behave in the apartment in order to limit noise, notably:
      • Note the usual hours when residents expect peace and quiet (especially before 7h and after 22h) and not to make noise in the apartment that might disturb the neighbours (loud music, banging doors, speaking out loud by open windows, banging on the floor, walking in high heels…)
      • Not to undertake any professional activity or receive members of the public in the apartment
      • Not to hold parties or noisy meetings
  1. Dissemination of information:
  • Furnished.lu undertakes to distribute this charter and render it binding by displaying it on the agent’s website and in the apartment, and by giving each client,  at the check-in, a copy of a document encouraging them to respect the rules of good neighbourliness. The information communicated to the client will be at least that noted in paragraph
  • Furnished.lu may add to that in order to encourage the renter to refrain from any behaviour that might disturb the residents of the building. The document will be made available in French and English, at least.
  1. Dealing with claims or complaints: 
  • Furnished.lu undertakes to display his contact details in the apartment so that the renter can communicate them to anyone who asks for those details.
  • Furnsihed.lu undertakes to put in place a clear procedure for dealing with claims or complaints.
  • Furnished.lu undertakes to search for a solution to resolve all conflicts arising from the rental of the furnished apartment/room that we manage.
  • As such, Furnished.lu undertakes to be the main point of contact for any third party. We will take care of contacting the residence owner and assist him/her in searching for a solution or response to any claims or demands.

If your check-in date falls on a Sunday or a holiday, don't worry  we'll be here to give you your keys. 

However, there will be some additional fees as we have to open on a holiday. 

Usually, we offer you several possibilities to get your keys, but do not fret, we'll send you an email before your arrival with the specifics. 

The options are:

1 - Key delivery on Sunday at our agency (149 rue de Hollerich L-1741  in Luxembourg) between 2PM and 5PM for a price of 70,00 €.

 – Retrieval of your keys in a Masterlock on
​ Sunday from 3pm​
, (request to be made by email) at your convenience for a price of 70,00 €(Our Masterlocks are located at 260 rue de Cessange L-1321 in Luxembourg).

 – Delivery of your keys from
​ Monday
 between 9am and 7pm, without any additional cost.

All payments have to be made by bank transfer (most of our clients use their online banking).

Here below are our bank details to make your monthly payment :

    Recipient’s Name: Altea Immobilière

    Recipient’s address: 149 rue de Hollerich L-1741 Luxembourg


    Bank address:
    4, rue Léon Laval
    L-3372 Leudelange

    Bank account details:
    IBAN Code: LU 39 0090 0000 6574 9004

    Reason for payment:
    Please indicate the reference of your rental for all payments 

    Please be aware that you need to pay your rent  by the first day of each month.

    NB: We do not confirm any receipt of money when received by bank transfer. If a receipt is required, please contact us. Some fees may apply. 

    To let our services be more reactive, we ask you to fill the form "Report Problem". 

    The form is located in the menu bar inside "My Account". 

    This form is received directly by our maintenance team and they will be able to get back to you with a solution or update you on the intervention needed. 


    • When it is an individual flat : the double occupancy is allowed. In case of 2 people living in the studio/flat, there will be a 100€ additional fee (per month) for utilities and insurance. 
    • When it  is a room within a house- or flat-share : the double occupancy is allowed for a maximum of 6 nights per month. Some additional fees might apply. 

    The professional use of any of our rooms or flats is strictly prohibited
    It is possible to extend your stay providing that :

    • your room is available at the time of your request 
    • you pay the extension fee

    Here is how it works: 

    • You will request the extension directly on our website through your account
    • If the room is available, you will be able to select your new ending date 
    • We will send you an email confirming the extension and inviting you to pay for extension fee that is structured as follows:
      • Agency fee :  1 month’s rent + VAT
      • No new deposit

    Ex : You want to extend your current contract for 3 more months and your rent is 850.-€, you will be charged once: 850.-€ + 136 = 986,-€

    NB: In the eventuality of an extension, we will simply keep the rental guaranty already paid for the duration of the extension. 


    As a general rule, your contract ends the last day of your stay without any other formality, however it is possible to request an early departure.

    Please be aware that a one-month notice is required. 

    Here is how to proceed with your early termination :

      • Request the early termination directly through your account 
        • There will be a button on the section "My Account" that will guide through the steps. 
      • An early termination fee of 197,20.-€ will be added to your final statement 
      • We will send you an email confirming your early termination request and indicating when your contract is ending considering the one-month notice. 

    For logistic reasons and to avoid disturbing the current tenants, we do not organize any visit.

    However, for each room/studio, you will find on our website:

    • Detailed descriptions of our residences
    • Accurate pictures
    • Geolocalisation of the residence
    • Floorplans of the residence

    Our agency fees are also called Service Pack.

    The service pack is calculated as follows:

    • 1 month's rent  + VAT (16%)

    Ex: you wish to stay 3 months with us and your rent is € 850,00€:

    • 850 + 136 = 986,-€

    NB: The Service Pack needs to be paid for every new period of reservation and is non refundable.

    Our rates are ALL-INCLUDED which means that all bills and other charges are included in the price. 

    Here is a list of the services included in your rate:

    • Wi-Fi internet in all areas (High speed wifi when available)
    • LCD TV in each room
    • Modern and new furniture (bed, desk, chair, wardrobe, …)
    • Fully equipped kitchen including microwave, dishwasher, kettle, kitchenware, …
    • On site laundry facilities in each residence (washer, dryer, ironing facilities)
    • All bills (water, electricity, heating, insurance, …)

    There are some extra services available upon request:

    • Additional cleaning

    Non-exhaustive lists


    If you become a Luxembourger Resident (mandatory for a stay longer than 6 months ), parking is free in your neighborhood.

    You can get your free parking "vignette" at the Biergercenter Place Guillaume (Ville de Luxembourg).

    If you should decide not to become a resident, public parking is available, usually not to far from your residence (charges apply). 


    Our roomers are young professionals between 23 and 35, well-educated and polyglot.

    All are young academics of various nationalities mainly from Europe, coming to Luxembourg for an internship or a first job.

    The atmosphere in our residencies is happy, friendly and convivial.

    You will be able to network and to exchange experiences with your roommates.

    Why do we ask for one?

    The simple answer is that it helps with:

    1. Insurance cover

      All tenants in our flatshares have a house insurance through us.

    2. Agency cost – the staff

      For a flat to have all tenants, our teams work two to three weeks with numerous visits and hours of administrative work (advertising, phone calls, emails, answer questions etc.) We also pay great care to select individual flatmates and create good group dynamics in our residences. 

    3. Flat Refurbishment

      Our flatshares are entirely furnished, meaning that we have to install for instance the washing machine and all furniture in the living room. All our rooms are also furnished so we have to account for this expense. Finally, as we offer internet in ewach residence, there are also installation costs.

    4. Flat Transformations

      We often take over flats which require additional work to meet the standards of modern well-equipped apartments (e.g. new kitchen, wooden floors or inside transformation of the flat and repairs). This is our most important expenditure and the fee contributes to reduce this substantial cost.

    5. Creating New Flatshares

      We spend a large amount of time searching for new flatshares and negotiating with property owners. Since many property owners can be more traditional, this is not always straight forward.

    We guarantee that our quality standards are met. Your room should not just be a pied-à-terre but a real home!